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The endowment fund supports authors participating in a public art competition with a funeral theme. Join the challenge to create unique stelae and be part of the Stele with Heart / Pietas III project.

In Prague on September 12, 2023, the GLAZ BRIDGE group announced an open one-time art competition for the solution of funeral stelae called STELE WITH HEART / PIETAS III. 

The context of the funeral-themed competition

Physical departure from earthly life is currently perceived by our society as an unattractive topic that stands on the fringes of interest. That is why Glaz Bridge has been developing the Funeral Art program since 2021. The intention is to pay respect to the deceased through artistic means, as was quite common in the past. In 2023, the implementation of the first part of the program under the name Glass Soul / Pietas I was completed. The goal was to create a collection of funeral urns using the unique technology of fused sculpture. 21 leading Czech artists from various disciplines took part in its creation, who thought about the function of funerary sculpture in today's society. The collection of urns was exhibited in the Museum of Applied Arts in Prague (17/5-17/9/23) and is going on another exhibition tour.


Based on the success of the Glass Soul / Pietas I project, we are now proceeding with the further development of the FuneralArt program, namely the Stelas In Memoriam / Pietas III project. The goal is an artistic rendering of tombstones that were erected instead of monuments on graves in the area of Greco-Roman civilization. A stele (Greek) was a vertical stone object that marked a tombstone, rarely also a monument, and used to be in the shape of a column or a slab. This type of commemorative commemoration of the existence of the deceased or the grave of the deceased underwent various modifications within European civilization; whether it was located in burial grounds or in the open.

Competition assignment

Create a stele (funeral object) and pay respect to the deceased with contemporary artistic means. A vertical stele must be designed in such a way that it can be placed both on an individual grave or in an open space (en plein air); private or public (e.g. garden area). A readable area for the burial inscription must be set aside on the stele; name of the event, name of the deceased, year or dedication. In the stele there can also be a sunken covered container for the subject memorial of the deceased, etc.

Material of the stele: glass combined with stone, concrete, metal possibly a combination, but always a glass element

Height of the stele: min. 0.5 m, max. 2 m

Requirements of the competition proposal*

  1. Written conception of the idea - text: max. 1 A4 page

  2. 3 x sketch, possibly supplemented by a 1:5 model

  3. 1-2 sketches - location in space

  4. Material description

  5. Timetable for production

  6. Implementation realization budget for the stelae

  7. Arrangement of the digital version of the design

*The competition proposal in CZ or ENG should be sent in digital form to the email Acceptance and inclusion in the competition will be confirmed by the administrator within 5 working days of delivery.


  • Observance of confidentiality

  • Unsuccessful proposals will not be published or used for other purposes

  • Legal regulations


Prizes and rewards

Prizes will not be awarded, but 12 competitive proposals will be selected for implementation in no particular order. The reward for the twelve winning proposals will be the possibility of implementation at the cost of the project. As part of copyright fees, up to CZK 500,000 will be distributed. among selected authors. Conditions for concluding a contract for the production of a follow-up order: the production of selected works will be ensured by Glaz Bridge together with partners and with the support of Arte Bohemien.

Submitters of competitive proposals participate in the competition without the right to a fee or payment of expenses associated with participation in the competition.


Competition dates announcement:

12 September 2023

termination: 29/02/2024 * Due to the great interest and requests to enter the competition, we are extending the deadline for submission of STELE WITH HEART / PIETAS III. to 30. 6. 2024

evaluation and jury meeting: 7/2024

protocol and evaluation: 7/2024

*4Q 2024 release

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