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We are launching the pre-sale of the publication SKLENĚNÁ DUŠE | GLASS SOUL | PIETAS!

Get your book in the 1st wave of pre-sale for the price of 1.990,- CZK instead of the normal selling price per piece 2.490,- CZK!


ATTENTION! Book release: 2024. It is not yet available in stock and we will inform you when it is available for dispatch.


Dear friends of art, by purchasing this unique publication, you are contributing to the development of Czech glass art and to the education associated with funerary culture.


Year of issue: 2024

Language: Czech, English

Format: 30x30 cm, 168 pages

50 color and 40 black and white reproductions

ISBN: 978-8-11-03816-8

Authors: Martina Sikorová, Karel Holub & collective of authors

GLASS SOUL I PIETAS, 2023 Glaz Bridge - funerary art production

in cooperation with Arte Bohemien




  • Description and photographs of individual works of the fused glass sculpture collection 
  • Glass Soul I PIETAS, 2023
  • About fused glass sculpture, Sylva Petrová
  • Smelt houses by Vladena Klumpar Pavlik and Zdeněk Lhotský


Dictionary of Funerary Culture, Kale Holub 

A collective of authors will contribute examples of different approaches to death. 

  • Traditions of 18th-20th Century Europe, Roman Prahl 
  • Japanese mourning kimono, Marie Míčová
  • Zanzibar and Śtone Town, Vladimir 518
  • Funeral Crowns, Sarcophagus for the Queen of Denmark, Tibetan Celestial Ritual, Mexican Day of the Dead, Japanese Shinto Funerals, and more...


The book describes the works of the following artists: Vladimíra Klumpar-Pavlik (sculptor, glass artist), Federiko Díaz (sculptor working with robotics, multimedia artist), Martin Janecký (sculptor, glass artist), Petr Písařík (painter, sculptor), Alžběta Jungrová (photographer), Zdeněk Fránek (architect), Tono Stano (photographer), Zdeněk Lhotský (glass artist, sculptor, visual artist, graphic designer), Marek Číhal (painter), Vladimír 518 (rapper, painter, typographer, writer), Michal Škapa (painter, graphic artist, typographer, designer), Filip Kůrka (painter), Matyas Pavlik (glass artist), Michal Cimala (sculptor, painter, and musician), Jakub Janovský (painter and sculptor), Antonín Střížek (painter, photographer), Natalie Dufková (fashion designer), Jiří Belda (jeweler, sculptor), Viktorie Beldová (jeweler), and Lucie Švitorková (glass artist).


In 2023, the first part of the project entitled GLASS SOUL I PIETAS, Glaz Bridge, funerary art production was completed. The aim was to create a collection of funeral urns using a unique fused sculpture technology. The first exhibition of the collection took place with the kind support of the Museum of Decorative Arts in Prague on 17/5-17/9/23.


Twenty-one leading Czech artists from various disciplines were invited to collaborate and reflect on the function of funerary sculpture in today's society. Everything was subordinated to a single intention; to create a functional funeral object and to pay respect to the deceased by artistic means. We are witnessing a story of how a unique fused sculpture in dialogue with metal, minerals and jewellery techniques has simultaneously offered additional contexts of meaning.


The aims of the pulication:

  • Education: not only to provoke a broader discussion on this issue. In our historical space, it is cemeteries where the deceased is commemorated not only by a simple cross, but also by sculptural tombstones, which are part of the so-called funerary art. Since the late 19th century, after overcoming ecclesiastical objections, the deceased have ceased to be buried only in the ground, and the vast majority are cremated; the remains are then placed in unified urns, which are usually placed in columbariums.
  • Czech glass: to highlight the important traditions of Czech glassmaking and its artistic craftsmanship.
  • New funeral art: to reveal other qualities of art and its ability to bring together different expressive media and to break down the boundaries between stereotypes through imagination; to bring a specific insight into funeral/funeral rituals, so often neglected today.



Glass Soul | Pietas - presale

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