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Physical departure from our earthly life is a marginal topic in our society. Even though throughout history this fateful event has been the subject of most religions. Related to this are the ideas of the afterlife as presented by metaphysics, mysticism or esotericism; where the soul goes after death and in what worlds it abides. 

At the same time, today we are witnessing a complete retreat from funeral rituals. Yet it is in these that our relationship to our ancestors and our roots in general is mirrored. This goes hand in hand with the decline of funerary art, which has almost disappeared since the Second World War. 

This publication presents the results of a project initiated and implemented by GlazBridge. It includes works created by artists who reflect on the function of funerary sculpture in today's
society today.

The main aim is not only to provoke a wider discussion on this issue, but also to highlight the traditions of Czech glassmaking and to provide insight into funeral/funeral rituals, so often neglected today.

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